Q-Audio Microphones Come To Town

Q Audio BlackQ-Audio, who are they I hear you ask.  You may be familiar with the brand KAM and their reputation for affordable and very reliable wireless microphones amongst many other products.  Sadly earlier this year (2017) the parent company of KAM closed and this left a gap in the market for Q-Audio to release the range of KAM Wireless Microphones with their own brand on them and no doubt they will develop this range of products further to create their own stamp in the audio sector.

The guys behind Q-Audio are no newbies to this market and have vast knowleQ-Audio QWM11HHdge of the professional audio market, which is great news as they release their first batch of familiar and popular models in late August 2017.  Of course as a premium retailer most of the products in the range will be available from us here at Prebeat…

This means that you can now purchase the Q-Audio Wireless Q-Audio QWM1960BPMicrophone systems from us starting with the very affordable VHF dual system (QWM-11HH) up to the true diversity wireless system (QWM1960) which is available in both dual handheld microphones or if you prefer the Bodypack system.  The Q-Audio QWM1960BP bodypack system means you can use two microphones at the same time, but have the choice of lavalier/lapel or headset microphones making this system perfect for a varied range of uses.

So if you need a system to fit your budget take a look today at the Q-Audio Microphone Systems on our website and do give us a call if you need any help.


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The ADJ Boom Box has landed

ADJ Silver Logo

ADJ is one of the leading brands for entertainment lighting effects not only in the UK, but around the world.  ADJ constantly release new products to their range and the most recent additions are the brand new ADJ Boom Box FX 1 and ADJ Boom Box FX2.

So I hear you ask what is different about these – and let me tell you from experience ADJ Boom Box FX1these will certainly be a ‘marmite’ product – you will either love them or hate them.  No doubt we will see a similar reaction to when the ADJ Stinger Gobo or ADJ Stinger Star where released – and now they are amongst our most popular DMX Lighting effects in our showroom and on our website (www.prebeat.co.uk).

ADJ BoomBox FX2

The new ADJ Boom Box FX1 and FX2 feature 4 different lighting effects in one single unit – so let us look at them.  Firstly the FX1 model features a Dome Effect which will fill a room, A derby effect similar to that of the ADJ Mini Dekker (again a best seller), and strobe chasing wash and finally a Red & Green Laser effect.  Wow, I know – a lot of lighting effect for your money.

The ADJ Boom Box FX2 is very similar, except you remove the Dome Effect and replace it ADJ BoomBox FX2-3will a Gobo Effect.  These units will run sound active, or just run through their programs.  Of course you can link them together Master Slave, run then via a DMX controller if you want or just have them stand alone.

Take a look on our website for more information – or come and visit our Hartlepool showroom to see them in action.

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What a great PA Mixer

Studiomaster LogoWhen you need a PA System you will see such a large selection of product available and sometimes it is hard to make the choice of which PA Mixer you use for your PA System.  In fact you will notice that many of them have the same features, yet the prices can be vastly different.

Here at Prebeat we have a big selection of Mixing Desks available and the Studiomaster Studiomaster Club XS6Club XS series are amongst the most popular.  I think this is very much due to the reliable reputation Studiomaster products have, along with their attractive price tag.  However, the biggest feature is all three models we stock include a media player where you can use USB or SD to play your tracks from with ease.  That is not all, along with this you can also use Bluetooth too.  The media player works using one of the built in stereo channels that can also be used for a normal stereo input too, and simply use the push switch to alternate between the two.  This means that on all threee models you can have 2 stereo inputs plus the media player within these great mixing desks.

Studiomaster Club XS10Starting with the smaller Studiomaster Clubx XS6 4 Channel version which boasts 2 mono line/microphone inputs there is also the Club XS8 and Club XS10.

The Club XS8 has 4 mono line/mic and 2 stereo inputs, and the Club XS10 has 6 mono line/mic channels with the 2 stereo inputs.  So you have the choice depending on your needs

Other great features include 3 Band EQ on all mic channels, Phanton power, and 16 programme DSP effects all built in to each of these great PA Mixing Desks.

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Ibiza Sound arrives with Prebeat.

ibiza-sound-logoThis week has seen the arrival of a new brand to both our website and our warehouse.  Ibiza Sound is a massive range of products across Europe.  We are delighted to introduce a selection of products that are very affordable.

First of all we have a range of portable PA systems, basically powered speakers which ibiza-sound-hybrid10vhffeature Bluetooth to make it easy to playback music or other audio from your Mobile Phone, Tablet etc.  The other option is to load your files to a USB memory stick and use that on these great portable speakers.

The Ibiza Sound Hybrid 8 and Hybrid 10 systems also feature a VHF wireless microphone, where as the Ibiza Sound PORT12UHF ibiza-sound-port12uhfsystem features 2 UHF wireless microphones which give a more reliable signal.  All three of these products feature a rechargeable battery for true portability and let us not forget the 2 year warranty offered as standard by Ibiza Sound.

If you want to have a normal active PA system then another affordable option is the XTK12A and XTK15A active speakers we now have from Ibiza Sound.  The Ibiza Sound XTK12A active speaker offers 500w MAX output and the ibiza-sound-xtk15alarger XTK15A is a fantastic 600w MAX output.  These speakers would also be perfectly matched to the new Ibiza Sound MX802 mixing desk which has 8 input channels.  One of the exciting features on this PA Mixer is the Bluetooth and USB input which is something we haven’t seen yet on such an affordable mixing desk.

ibiza-sound-mx802-3Take a look at the range of Ibiza Sound products we have in stock and ready for next working day delivery here : http://www.prebeat.co.uk/ibiza-sound

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Make sure your Live Performance sounds great !

Over the past few months Prebeat has been adding a larger range of products for customers performing live on stage.  One range of products that needs a mention is the fantastic range of LIVE mixing desks released by ALTO.  It is known that ALTO produce reliable products at some prices that have previously never been seen when comparing the quality of the products in the market.  We think that this is also true when it comes to the Alto LIVE mixing desk range from the smaller, but very competent Alto LIVE 802 8-Channel PA Mixer which has the following features…

  • 5 XLR inputs with DNA™ microphone preampsAlto Live 802
  • Dynamic compression (Channels 1-2)
  • 3-band EQ plus 2 aux sends per channel
  • 60mm faders with mute switch and LED
  • USB audio connectivity with level control
  • 100 Alesis DSP effects
  • Balanced XLR, balanced/unbalanced 1/4” outputs
  • 9-band graphic EQ for main or monitor outputs
  • Headphone out with independent level control
  • USB jack to power lamps or charge mobile devices

Alto TS212Now take this smaller model and I’ll raise you – bring in the next 3 models featuring the 12, 16 and even 24 channel mixing desk which are all at such reasonable prices.  These mixers are perfect to be matched with the Alto range of active speakers which again offer great performance for a great price.  Ideally the Alto Truesonic TS2 range of active speakers would be a great choice and again as you would expect the range consist of several models from a small compact 8″ and 10″ version to the more suitable 12″ and 15″ versions.  We believe that Alto will be releasing SUBS in the TS2 range during the summer of this year (2016) – but for now the TS-SUBs that are already available from the previous TS range are more than capable of delivering a complete PA rig.

You can see our full range of Alto products on our website here :

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From ADJ comes the XS-200, XS-400 and XS-600 Moving Heads

ADJ Silver Logo

Yet again ADJ, the UK’s Leading manufacturer for entertainment lighting, have come up with something a little different and a little mad too.  Within the range of ADJ DMX Lighting Effects there is pretty much any type of effect you would ever need to light up either your dancefloor, stage or venue.  Now if you are looking for a DMX Moving Head which has full 360 degree movement/rotation in both directions there are 3 products available that do just that.  ADJ give you the XS-200, XS-400 and XS-600 moving heads that also fall within within the affordability bracket.  ADJ XS200

Many moving heads feature gobos, but these are different which also means you have full RGBW colour mixing.  I know what you are asking, what is the different between the three models – basically it is the number of lenses/heads featuring on the unit.  The ADJ XS-200 is a single axis fixture with two lenses projecting beams from their bright 10w RGBW LEDs.  You can use the lighting effect in 8 different ADJ XS400shows modes either stand alone or sound active.  Of course you can also use these with a DMX controller too.

The XS-400 increases the number of beams to 4 to give even more coverage and then you step up to the ADJ XS-600 featuring double the lense, double the movement and double the effect for sure.ADJ XS600

Take a look at each model on our website and watch the great videos to see just how fantastic and affordable these DMX lights really are…

ADJ XS-200 : http://www.prebeat.co.uk/adj-xs-200

ADJ XS-400 : http://www.prebeat.co.uk/adj-xs-400

ADJ XS-600 : http://www.prebeat.co.uk/adj-xs-600

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Alto Radius UHF Microphone Systems offer amazing performance and value

Also Pro Audio

It is no secret in the UK and probably elsewhere too that since iNmusic took over the pro audio brand Alto it has just revolutionised the way the industry looks at affordable audio products.  It is a rare occasion when a product of a similar price can stand up and say it is better than the Alto equivalent product, maybe you know once and please do let us know if you do.  Here at Prebeat we are very proud to offer a wide selection of Alto Audio products and the recent addition is as impressive as the rest of the range.

So come on then tell us what it is I hear you say… radio microphones, yes wireless UHF Alto Radius 100microphone systems that again offer amazing value.  From the Radius 100 UHF Microphone System which is perfect for presenters, DJ’s, Quiz Masters to the even more impressive Alto Radius 200 UHF Microphone system offering True diversity for even the most demanding vocalist or performer.

Alto Radius 200These systems offer the choice of frequency and here in the UK these are within the license free channel 70 range.  The receiver is a nice metal case which is half 19″ rackmount space making it ideal to rack 2 systems alongside each other in a 1U rack space.  In the handheld wireless UHF microphone system the transmitter will automatically syncronise the channel settings to receiver saving time having to set both individually.  As you would expect these sytems offer you a 1/4″ Jack output along with the balance XLR output to give you the choice.  Insert AA batteries in to the microphone to give a long life and ensure a faultless and more important constant signal for your live performance.

Visit our webiste here at Prebeat to see both of these products and even better their current amazing price, it is certainly a product worth considering if you are looking for a reliable wireless microphone solution.  Follow this link : http://www.prebeat.co.uk/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=Alto+Radius&x=0&y=0

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