The ADJ Boom Box has landed

ADJ Silver Logo

ADJ is one of the leading brands for entertainment lighting effects not only in the UK, but around the world.  ADJ constantly release new products to their range and the most recent additions are the brand new ADJ Boom Box FX 1 and ADJ Boom Box FX2.

So I hear you ask what is different about these – and let me tell you from experience ADJ Boom Box FX1these will certainly be a ‘marmite’ product – you will either love them or hate them.  No doubt we will see a similar reaction to when the ADJ Stinger Gobo or ADJ Stinger Star where released – and now they are amongst our most popular DMX Lighting effects in our showroom and on our website (

ADJ BoomBox FX2

The new ADJ Boom Box FX1 and FX2 feature 4 different lighting effects in one single unit – so let us look at them.  Firstly the FX1 model features a Dome Effect which will fill a room, A derby effect similar to that of the ADJ Mini Dekker (again a best seller), and strobe chasing wash and finally a Red & Green Laser effect.  Wow, I know – a lot of lighting effect for your money.

The ADJ Boom Box FX2 is very similar, except you remove the Dome Effect and replace it ADJ BoomBox FX2-3will a Gobo Effect.  These units will run sound active, or just run through their programs.  Of course you can link them together Master Slave, run then via a DMX controller if you want or just have them stand alone.

Take a look on our website for more information – or come and visit our Hartlepool showroom to see them in action.


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